Five Easy Videos You Can Make This Week!

Five Easy Videos You Can Make This Week!

When trying something new like using video on your web site, intranet or social media page, it can be so hard to get started! Maybe you’ve never used video before, or perhaps your last effort was a ton of work and the results (typically clicks and engagement) fell completely flat.

20 Video Ideas for Content Marketing

An explosion of tools for video beginners makes it easier than ever to create compelling visual content. With a bit of practice, these tools can help you take your message far beyond static words and images. But you’ll still need to come up with the right video ideas to enhance your content marketing efforts.

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The 5 Steps to Making Your Next Video

Perhaps you read last week’s blog about DIY video and now you’re ready to give it a try. Or maybe after learning a bit more about the DIY route, you’re afraid to start because the process of creating useful content with video seems so daunting. Today we’re going to demystify that process and go through the 5 steps of producing your next video.

Whether you work with Positive Light Media, another video marketing professional, or even go the DIY video route, you’ll find that your steps will be similar, even if they have different names.