How can a well-told video story help your organization?

Do you want to know how to convey heart and emotion in your upcoming campaign? A well-told video story conveys heart and emotion like no other medium can. One man in this video talks about how he knows what it’s like to not have food. Can you imagine what that would feel like? It’s powerful to see and hear him deliver that line.

This video features employees of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota talking about why they give to the employee giving campaign. Many of the reasons they given tug at your heart strings in a way that just wouldn’t happen if you didn’t hear and see them saying it.

Video storytelling promotes fundraising campaign

Positive Light Media partnered with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota and created this employee fundraising campaign in 2016. The theme was Give Fearless and played off of their Live Fearless branding campaign. Employees gave to their favorite non-profit organiztions and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota matched their donations.

Producing and sharing this video resulted in a very successful giving campaign. According to Tom Lee of Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN, “thanks to Tim’s efficient, collaborative style and excellent attention to detail, we ended up with a campaign video that exceeded our expectations. By all accounts, it was the most inspiring video we’ve ever produced. The video definitely helped us achieve our $1 million campaign goal — woo-hoo! I look forward to working with Tim again in the future.”